It was March 2020.

Zain Gaziani, the artist and creator of Chippy’s World, was living in NYC working on Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal brand team, Team GaryVee.

The lockdown had just started, so Zain went from being outside all day to being stuck inside 24/7.
To make the best of the situation, he picked up art again after a decade of failed attempts and ordered the first drawing tablet he came across online!
As soon as the tablet arrived.. he was hooked!

Zain drew every night after work and even started a live show “Drawing with Zain.” It started with 2 viewers. Then 10. Then 30. And at one point 100 people tuned in!
It was so much fun. Sometimes the community and Zain would draw for 4+ hours together!

One day, Zain had an idea to make a series of monsters he was trapped in his tiny apartment with. And that’s when Chippy’s World was born!

In early 2020, Zain was enjoying breakfast when he noticed a tiny red demon baby appear on the dining table and dip his tiny hands into my oatmeal.
From that moment, a lifelong friendship was forged ❤️

We went grocery shopping together.

We played in the snow together.

We celebrated Halloween together.

We even explored NYC together!

There were so many times I had my friends over without telling Zain.

Despite his annoying house rules…

Since 2020, Zain and I have shared hundreds of memories together (including a complete makeover) and are excited to make many more with all of you!

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